One comment on “Weekly Update – thru 11/26/13

  1. Hi Katella! It’s been so long since I last checked your blog (my RL has been insanely busy – ack!) but I just wanted to send a word of encouragement out to you =)

    I know sometimes there’s some pretty bad jerks in endgame content-related stuff but I know you’ve got plenty of friends that would love to explore Coil and other things with you that don’t care about death or mistakes. I’m sure if you asked around, you’d probably wind up with your own static =) and regardless of however often you meet up per week, it’ll at least be fun and give you something new to look forward to right? After all, we’re not paying a monthly subscription for a “second job” at MMO’s 😉 You should have fun and get your money’s worth!

    I hope you’ll use ARR as a way to relax and have fun from the stress you seem to be having IRL! And forget about the crazy people who only want “perfection” and endgame gear equips only – if they’re shouting for that kind of stuff, you don’t need to join them – you are waaaaay better off without them. I’d rather be in the company of friends and pleasant people who are interested in learning and having fun than the crazy people who yell at the slightest mistake.

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