18 comments on “Unlocking 2.1 Content – Where to start!

    • Ack!! A cut and paste mistake I think! Thanks for catching it! is updated now. 🙂 Please let me know if you find any other mistakes. I want this to be helpful for our community members! ^^

    • Hi Jose, so don’t forget to read the note attached there.. 🙂
      “NOTE: To begin this quest series that leads to this start in Mor Dhona X: 21 Y: 8 at NPC: Outlandish Man”

      Being able to see G’raha Tia requires you start where the note instructs. Hope that helps.. ^^

  1. Thanks for this great guide!

    The only other thing I saw is I think the “Treasures and Tribulations” quest is 36. (I believe it is, because my WHM is almost 36 and I’m waiting to do it with that character so as not to waste the quest XP.)

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