One comment on ““Oh that’s easy!”

  1. Yeah, I hate this bragging tendency too. My first run in Titan Extreme, there was a guy in there talking about how easy it was, and that he beat it in like 2 tries. Made me feel so stupid for struggling so hard to learn it, even after watching videos and such. Since then, I’ve beaten Titan EX once after a couple days of learning, but don’t ever want to do it again because I don’t want to deal with people getting on my case if I make a mistake (because I’m still far from pro at it). It also took me a long time to get Titan HM down to where it’s easy for me; for some reason the Titan fights seem harder for me to get down to where I can do consistently well than any other Primals’. So folks going on about how easy it is just makes me feel bad.

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