5 comments on “Unlocking 2.4 Content – Where to start!

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  3. Just a question.
    Do i have to complete Basic Training: Enemy Parties and Under the Armor to unlock rogue?
    I am a lvl 15 puglist, completed achievement “Out of Ul’dah” And im confused on what to do ;s

    • You will have to have done class quests for your main class (whatever it is) through level 10 I believe. You do have to have the armory unlocked, so once you’ve done that, you should be able to just go to Limsa Lower Decks and pick up Rogue. My son actually picked it up on his character and he doesn’t have pugilist leveled at all. Pugilist only comes into play when you are wanting to unlock the Ninja job.. then you have to have Rogue 30 / Pugilist 15. (I think even in that case you still have to do the class story quests through those levels to be able to unlock that). Hope that helps!

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