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  1. Hello Katella,
    How do you save up leves for a different character? I’m a little sick of running dungeons over and over for different classes. Thank you!

    • Hi Alex,
      If you are looking for other ways to level, guildhests, leves and FATE’s may be a nice way to mix things up and maybe not find leveling process quite as grueling. Diversity helps me. Levequests were a common way to level in small groups in 1.0 even, and are a somewhat unappreciated method. I still do leves with friends from time to time, or even on my own or with my chocobo. Plus you get gil from them as well, so that is nice!

      While you can’t save leves for a different character, you can turn them in on a different class/job (on that same character) different than whatever class/job you originally ran the quest on, as long as they are of the same type as what the leve specifies.. ie: battle, hand, land, etc.

      Obviously using the class/job you want to actually level while running the leves is preferable, because then you’d get the “per mob” exp as well as the final “turn-in” exp awarded to that class.

      However, let’s say that maybe you have a battle class you are trying to level that maybe is harder for you to solo the leves with. In that case there is another option to help you out of that jam. What you can do is pick up battle levequests around the same level as the class you are trying to level. Run them on a different battle class that maybe you have an easier time soloing with. Once you’ve completed the leve, switch to the battle class/job you want to level before you go to turn them into the levemete. The Levemete (as long as the class/job you are on is a battle type) will award your currently equipped class with the turn-in exp.

      Lots of people I know will use the Ixali quests in much the same way, to help them be able to level their crafting classes. They do the “work” of the quests on a crafter they already have leveled that actually has skills for them to make HQ items with easier, and turn the quests in on a lower class they want to level.

      I was just going to run some leves sometime before Heavensward, and save them to turn in on one of the new jobs to light a fire under my leveling of that new job, since leveling is one of my least favorite activities. It won’t help a ton, but every little bit helps, plus it gives me something to do while I wait impatiently for the expansion. ^^

      • Katella,
        Thank you SO much! I was not expecting so much information! I found your webpage while reading about what to do with the new patches and found your site as one of the most helpful. I kept coming back and thanks to you, I finished the last patch last night and that cut scene was so long but well worth it for the effort. I will be keeping your response and always come back to read what you have to say. I am NOT looking forward to the weapon quests, I looked that up and was not a happy camper. I hope you keep on posting and helping everyone you do.

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