12 comments on “Unlocking 3.0 Content – Where to Start!

  1. You are amazing! I always go for your guides first. 😀

    It’s fun to know we’re exploring the same content, and whatever I miss I know you’ll have taken the time to detail yourself here. Thank you so much, I really appreciate all your hard work!

  2. Sanu VanuThe Sea of Clouds (11,14) – Neverreap
    NotrelchampsThe Pillars (14,12) – the fractal contiuum

  3. Ty for another awesome unlock guide! Would you mind if I link to your blog from my FC’s page to direct folks to it?

  4. I was able to take “Search and Rescue” without doing “Honoring the Past”. At lvl 27 and on MSQ: “Bolt, Chain and Island”

    • *57 and to elaborate: I hadn’t finished “Bolt, Chain and Island” yet. Also “Saro Raggo’s Common Life” is a side quest, though you need to proceed with MSQ to enter there.

    • Interesting.. I actually hadn’t picked it up until after 57, and when I first went there, the NPC didn’t have “Search and Rescue” for me. It wasn’t until I went back into Ishgard and found “Honoring the Past” quest, that it became available. I wonder if there is something else that may have caused it not to be there for me then. I purposely avoided most quests unless I had to pick them up when leveling.

  5. I’ve completed the quest “An Unwanted Delivery” and am 60/finished MSQ but still can’t unlock Clipped Wings for flying in sea of clouds? 😦

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