FFXVI Content Guide Links (External)

Please note that the links provided are only here to help give you an idea on how to accomplish certain content. Know that these are not my videos, I get no credit. I have no association with them, and get no benefit from posting them (other than to let me have a place to quickly find the guide I want to watch).  ~ Enjoy!

Table of Contents – Macro Commands

The Gears of Change – Patch 3.2

Raid – Alexander Midas | Alexander Midas EX
Primal – Sephirot – Containment Bay S1T7 | Containment Bay S1T17 EX
Dungeons – The Antitower | The Lost City of Amdapor HM

As Goes Light, So Goes Darkness – Patch 3.1

Raid – Void Ark
Raid – The Minstrel’s Ballad: Thordan’s Reign
Dungeons – Saint Mochianne’s Arboretum | Pharos Sirius HM
Content – Diadem

Heavensward – Patch 3.0

Raid – Alexander | Alexander Savage
Primal – Bismark –
Primal – Ravana
Dungeons – Neverreap | The Fractal Continuum

Before the Fall – Patch 2.55

Dreams of Ice – Patch 2.4

Shiva Shiva EX

Defenders of Eorzea – Patch 2.3

Raid –
Primal – Ramuh The Striking Tree | The Striking Tree EX
Dungeons –

Through the Maelstrom – Patch 2.2

Raid –
Primal Leviathan – The Whorleater | The Whorleater EX

A Realm Awoken – Patch 2.1