FFXIV Macros

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  • Action Command Use
  • Chat Commands
  • Macro Icons
  • Hotbar Management
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    Action Use Command Format

    Use: /action "skill name" [target syntax]
    Aliases: /ac
    Target Syntax:
    /ac "Physick"


    Chat Commands

    Note: Message doesn't require the [ ] brackets. Just hit enter once done.
    Private Tell: /tell "Character Name" [msg] 
    Party Channel: /p [msg] 
    Free Company Channel: /fc [msg] 
    Linkshell Channel: /l# [msg]  (replace # with LS list #)
    Alliance Channel: /a [msg] 
    Novice Network: /n [msg] 
    Say (small area): /s [msg] 
    Shout (medium area): /sh [msg] 
    Yell (larger area): /y [msg] 
    Private Echo Message to self: /e [msg] 


    Targeting Commands & Syntax

    Target Line Item: /target "Name" 
    Target Line Item: /ta "Name" 
    Target Line Item: /t "Name" 
    Target Syntax Placeholder Use: /ac "Skill"  

    Focustarget Line Item: /focustarget "Name" 
    Focustarget Line Item: /ft "Name" 
    Focustarget Syntax Placeholder Use: /ac "Skill"  


    Micro Icons

    Using “/macroicon” or “/micon” Displays specified icon, recast time, help text, and other information regarding the specified action. Can only be used once in the first line of a user macro. Category defaults to action when not specified.

    Use: /micon "icon name" [category]
    Aliases: /macroicon
    Categories: action, general, emote, companion, pet, minion, mount, enemysign, waymark, gearset, classjob

    /micon "Raise" action
    /micon "Limit Break" general
    /micon "Cheer" emote
    /micon "Withdraw" companion
    /micon "Embrace" pet "Eos"
    /micon "Bluebird" minion
    /micon "Firebird" mount
    /micon "Target to Attack 3" enemysign
    /micon "B" waymark
    /micon "1" gearset
    /micon "Dark Knight" classjob


    Hotbar Management

    Hotbar slot placement
    /hotbar [subcommand]
    /chotbar [subcommand]

    subcommand: action, general, item, emote, companion, pet, minion, mount, enemysign, waymark, change, copy, display
    Examples: /hotbar [subcommand] "Name" [hotbar#] [Slot#]
    /hotbar action "Aetherflow" 4 1
    /hotbar general "Limit Break" 3 9
    /hotbar item "Clear Prism" 2 7
    /hotbar emote "Cheer" 4 6
    /hotbar companion "Withdraw" 4 1
    /hotbar pet "Embrace" "Eos" 1 10
    /hotbar minion "Bluebird" 4 1
    /hotbar mount "Firebird" 4 1
    /hotbar enemysign "Target to Attack 3" 4 1
    /hotbar waymark "B" 4 1

    Replace Hotbar 1 with a different hotbar:
    /hotbar change 2

    Show or Hide Hotbar (on & off - if you don't specify, it will toggle)
    Toggle: /hotbar display 6
    Show: /hotbar display 7 on
    Hide: /hotbar display 8 off

    Change Visible Crosshotbar
    /crosshotbar display 2
    /chotbar display 4

    Copy Hotbar setup to another Hotbar
    subcommand: copy [job/class] [hotbar#] [job/class] [hotbar#]
    Examples: (copying scholar Hotbar 4 to Conjurer Hotbar 3
    /hotbar copy SCH 4 CNJ 3
    /hotbar copy Scholar 4 Conjurer 3
    /hotbar copy scholar 4 conjurer 3
    /chotbar copy SCH 4 CNJ 3
    /chotbar copy Scholar 4 Conjurer 3


    Pet Companion Commands

    Format: /egiglamour "Egi Name" "Glamour"
    Egi Names: Garuda-Egi, Ifrit-Egi, Titan-Egi
    Glamours: "Emerald Carbuncle", "Topaz Carbuncle", "Ruby Carbuncle"
    To Add: /egiglamour "Ifrit-Egi" "Ruby Carbuncle"
    Remove: /egiglamour "Ifrit-Egi"

    Calling Pet Actions
    NOTE:  Take the spaces out of  before use (wordpress format misbehaiving!)
    Format /pac "Skill"
    /petaction "Obey"
    /pac "Embrace"


    Targeting Commands