FFXI ~ Macro ideas

coming soon…. going off of memory will verify later

Many times, with a little creative macro-ing.. you can save some space..  although now with Wings of The Goddess out, macro space shouldn’t be as much of an issue, although, there are some neat ideas for functionality I’ve come across from reading other blogs, websites and experimenting..


With all the new space from the recent update, I’ve set aside the first macro set in each book to be a Table of Contents of sorts, so I can easily go from macro book to macro book. 

“The Table of Contents macro set”

Each macro in the set is labeled with a job name.

macro set

Each  macro looks something like this:

written macro

then so on.. ie: my SMN macro of this set would look like:

Example: SMN macro
L1: /macro Book 2
L2: /wait 1
L3: /macro Set 2


Job: Redmage  (obviously I haven’t tried this one.. but am told it works)

Macro – “Refresh/Haste rotation”
L1: /recast “Refresh”
L2: /ma “Refresh” <stpc>
L3: /recast “Haste”   
L4: /ma “Haste” <stpc>

Job: Whitemage / backline mage jobs

Macro – “The Quick Target person w/Hate
L1: /assist  <stnpc>


Job: Puppetmaster

Macro – “The On & Off Button”
L1:  /ja “Deactivate” <me>
L2: /ja “Activate” <me>

Macro – “Please Cure Button”
L1: /ja “Light Maneuver” <me>
L2: /pet “Deploy” <st>
L3: /wait 3      (check casting time for w/e Cure)
L4: /ja “Deactivate”
Job: Summoner
Macro: “The Release & Summon to Assault Button”
L1: /pet “Release” <me>
L2: /ma “Carbuncle” <me>
L3: /wait 10       (have to check this wait time)     
L4: /pet “Assault ” <stnpc>

**The following are multi Blood Pact button macro’s, It will only activate the one that applies to the pet you have summoned, and any that don’t apply will just error out.

Job: Summoner
Macro: “The Multi Bloodpact Elemental Nuke Button”
L1: /pet “Fire II” <t>
L2: /pet “Blizzard II” <t>
L3: /pet “Aero II” <t> 
L4: /pet “Stone II” <t>
L5: /pet “Thunder II” <t>
L6: /pet “Water II” <t>

Job: Summoner
Macro: “The Multi Bloodpact PT Armor Buff Button”
L1: /pet “Aerial Armor” <me>
L2: /pet “Frost Armor” <me>
L3: /pet “Lightning Armor” <me> 
L4: /pet “Earthen Ward” <me>
L5: /pet “Shining Ruby” <me>
L6: /pet “Noctoshield” <me>

Job: Summoner
Macro: “The Multi Bloodpact PT Button #2”
L1: /pet “Hastega” <me>
L2: /pet “Glittering Ruby” <me>
L3: /pet “Rolling Thunder” <me> 
L4: /pet “Crimson Howl” <me>
L5: /pet “Dream Shroud” <me>
L6: /pet “Ecliptic Growl” <me>

Job: Summoner
Macro: “The Multi Bloodpact PT Heal Button”
L1: /pet “Healing Ruby” <stpc>
L2: /pet “Whispering Wind” <me>
L3: /pet “Spring Water” <me> 

Job: Summoner
Macro: “The Multi Bloodpact DeBuff-GA Button”
L1: /pet “Sleepga” <t>
L2: /pet “Slowga” <t>
L3: /pet “Thunderspark” <t> 
L4: /pet “Ultimate Terror” <t>
L5: /pet “Lunar Roar” <t>

Job: Summoner
Macro: “The Multi Bloodpact DD Button”
(these you’d upgrade as you get higher in level)
L1: /pet “Double Punch” <t>
L2: /pet “Axe Kick” <t>
L3: /pet “Claw” <t> 
L4: /pet “Megalith Throw” <t>
L5: /pet “Chaotic Strike” <t>
L6: /pet “Barracuda Dive” <t>