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This page marks my contributions to FFXIVblog.com. My name is Katella Avenlea of the Wutai server. I’m mostly a casual gamer with a full time job, a young family, and probably all similar obligations that are expected of most everyone else. To relax, I like to play FFXIV. I have a blog I’ve kept for a few years now called Katella’s Corner that housed miscellaneous posts with things from character narrated stories, to current musings of the day, to general comments or observations and even frustrations. It’s a rag tag collection with multiple links, and any other old thing I fancied enough to share, and my contributions will probably be similar type works. I really enjoy writing, and love being inspired. The following is the first of what is most likely a continuing story of my character as she explores Eorzea. Its only appropriate to begin at the beginning, so that is where we find my young lalafell lass…. I hope you enjoy it!

* The Path Unmarked… Vol. 1-6


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