An Eorzean Night

Laughter permeated the chilled night air as the group gathered and nestled in near the campfire. As much as recent events overshadowed their lives, they could always rely on a gathering of Distant World Linkshell members to take the edge off.


“Now its Kat’s turn” announced Mini, his mischievous eyes glimmered like that of Dalamud itself.


“No No.. I’m sure someone else has something far more entertaining to share… Merikosum.. you go” she replied


“No Katella, I think it is your turn” chuckled Merikosum.


Katella fidgeted nervously, rolling a small section of visible necklace chain between her fingers as her face likened to the pale white hue of the now lesser moon. She dusted off her robe and stood over the campfire, surveying the group sitting around her.


“Alright… “ Katella said somberly as she shot Mini a sideways glance. Mini looked at his friend intrigued, there was something more serious about her demeanor.


“It was a few weeks back when I had been asked by the Twin Adder to do a survey of a nearby Aethergate…. At least that was what I had told Merik and Jynx when they offered to tag along. However, that wasn’t entirely the truth.”  She cautiously looked up from the fire taking note of the perplexed looks on Merikosum and Jynx’s faces.


“In truth, I hadn’t been asked to do anything” she shook her head ruefully. “Lasthold wasn’t even my goal, it was actually the Gelmorra Ruins.”


“The journey had been difficult with the constant dodging of creatures that inhabit the area, so it was easy to suggest a rest stop at the ruins…  on the way Merikosum spoke of a tale he’d been told, of a treasure chest that was supposedly located just a bit further north near a waterfall, so their interest in checking this out worked in my favor. It would give me a chance to properly survey the ruins alone.” explained Katella.


“The native Gelmorrians had not only been responsible for the construction of the ruins, but also for Tam-Tara Deepcroft, Muy-Tuy Cellars and Toto-Rak”. Those who know history know that they were the ones who initialized the communication between the elementals and mankind in the first place. These ruins have been occasionally referred to as “The Summoning Circle” and it was after Merik and Jynx had pressed on farther and their voices dissipated with distance, that I witnessed something I will never forget.”


“A chill set in and the area became otherworldly silent. As if transfixed, I was drawn to climb the stairs up to the platform. As I did, there was a bright flash and suddenly I was surrounded by translucent people in cowls all chanting. The amberscale stones positioned around the platform’s ring began to glow until the hole in the center filled with some kind of mist. It cleared to reveal an image of massive destruction and I was shocked to recognize some familiar places.


Another bright flash left a single translucent being standing before me. The being peered at me with an odd smile that was not conducive to the images they had just witnessed, before slowly extending their hand out towards me.”


“The silence was shattered by Jynx who from a distance shouted to see if I was coming. The figure dropped something shiny on the ground and totally disappeared.”


“I retrieved the trinket, Azeyma the Warden’s silver emblem etched upon an amberscale stone emitting a subtle glow. Jynx’s voice getting closer, I decided I had better catch up with them.”


“Hahaha Katella.. you are funny.. had me going for a second.. we weren’t gone nearly long enough for that all to happen” laughed Jynx heartily..


“Ok, now its someone elses turn.. I’m going to get more wood for the fire…” Katella smiled sheepishly and left the campsite.


Mini quietly followed until they were out of earshot. “Kat?” he whispered…


“Yes?..” she replied.


His hand grazed her neck as he gently tugged at the chain she fidgeted with earlier. Fully revealed, it was adorned with the very stone she had described in her story! Their eyes met for a brief moment. She smiled, tucked it back in her robe before picking up kindling.


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