Role Specific Macros/Rotation notes

Work in Progress – This is mostly going to start out with the macros I myself use, then go from there.

Table of Contents – Job Specific Context Sensitive Macro Examples

Archer & Bard

For Bard Macros I tend to use a different style of macro than I usually do.  Its in the interest of keeping up dps and always using the most optimal action once its available. In this macro style I list multiple actions in the same macro, but I only expect a single action to go off each time I press it. The skills are purposely listed out in a certain order  so that if my preferred action is available, that it is used first.

My Single Buff Macro looks like: 

/micon “Raging Strikes”
/ac “Raging Strikes” <me>
/ac “Hawk’s Eye” <me>
/ac “Blood for Blood” <me>
/ac “Internal Release” <me>
/ac “Barrage” <me>

The first skills I always use right after throwing on a few buffs is: Straight Shot > Venomous Bit > Windbite.

Once those are all applied I use a standardized macro that just uses the first skill available.  I spam this macro until either some buffs need to be reapplied, Straight Shot procs, or the damage over time shots (Venomous Bite & Windbite) need to be reapplied.

That standard “spam” macro is as follows:

/micon “Heavy Shot”
/ac “Misery’s End” <t>
/ac “Bloodletter” <t>
/ac “Heavy Shot” <t>

Also I use the following Silence Macro:

/micon “Blunt Arrow”
/ac “Blunt Arrow” <t>
/p  Silence <t>  <Just used it> <se.9>

Its kind of odd how I have my hotbar.  I have 5 most used macros and skills, then most all of the other actions on the skillbar are set up to show me what action will actually be used by the macro listed above it.

Conjurer & Whitemage

Since 2.2’s patch notes, the first thing I did was create a Protect macro that has a party sort command with it.

/micon “Protect”
/ac “Protect” <me>

On my whitemage, most of my macros have more to do with targeting quickness. Cures – I don’t tend to macro, as its just as quick to really utilize the party list to pick your party target. While I’d love to macro full party stoneskin for the beginning of the fight, I don’t – mostly because people don’t tend to wait around and people aren’t always “out of cut-scene” when their turn comes up in the macro’s rotation.. so I just manually do it.  Also personally, I don’t tend to trust mouse over macros because they seem to be flaky in my opinion.
Ironically enough, the things I macro most often on whitemage is notifications or offensive spells. Offensive spells – I do this so that I can help occasionally with dps, but so that I don’t have to actually switch the target off of whoever is needing their health watched. In reality, I shouldn’t be attacking things that my target is not. That said, I configure my macros so that it doesn’t matter if I’m casting on my target’s target, or my own. I can switch targets if I want. It makes it all very flexible.

Just using Aero as an example, but most of my damage spells are set up in macros like this:

/micon “Aero”
/ac “Aero” <tt>
/ac “Aero” <t>

This allows me to have one macro that works regardless of wither I’m targeting the mob, or wanting to stay locked onto the target I’m healing.

If you do like mouse overs – it would look something like this:

/micon “Cure”
/ac “Cure” <tt>
/ac “Cure” <t>
/ac “Cure” <mo>

Sometimes I just want the party to know what is being done.. The couple I use most often are the following:

/micon “Raise”
/ac “Raise” <t>
/ac “Resurrection” <t>
/p Casting <Raise> on <t>! Please be careful!

**Note I included a line in the above so that I can use this same macro to either use Raise or Resurrection. Its positioned in the same spot on all my hotbars that has it as an option.

 Arcanist & Scholar

On my scholar, again my macros are centered around quick targeting, as well as getting my fairy to be a little more useful. Since creating these macros, I tend to leave my fairy in “Obey” a lot more often, and its been really nice being able to have access to the fairy’s buffs (on their own cooldown) when I want, or when I think they’d be useful. Because of this I’ve created a macro that automatically puts them in the stance I want upon being summoned. (Note: My preference is for Selene to be on Sic, but obviously you can adjust this however you want.)

For Eos:

/micon “Summon”
/ac “Summon” <me>
/pac “Obey”

Or for Selene:

/micon “Summon II”
/ac “Summon” <me>
/pac “Sic”

Advanced Summon w/ Hotbar adjustments

/micon “Summon”
/ac “Summon” <me>
/hotbar action “Physick” 3 1
/hotbar pet “Embrace” “Eos” 3 2
/petaction “Obey” <me>

NOTE: “3” in the example above denotes hotbar #. “1” & “2” in the example above denotes which slot on that hotbar to place it.

When removing a debuff, I often have to decide if its better to heal first, or remove the buff. Thanks to the forum posts, someone there had mentioned that they just have their fairy heal at the same time… Brilliant!  Here is a macro that makes that happen (If your fairy is set to Obey).

/micon “Leeches”
/ac “Leeches” <t>
/pac “Embrace” <t>

Again I don’t like to fumble through targeting if I don’t have to, so all my Damage over Time skills and other offensive spells are set up much like my whitemage offensive spells.

/micon “Bio II”
/ac “Bio II” <tt>
/ac “Bio II” <t>

Generally when I’m using Succor, Its after widespread damage. I have a macro that gives a little extra healing effort in those cases. It looks like this:  (again only works if pet is in Obey status”

/micon “Succor”
/ac “Succor” <me>
/pac “Whispering Dawn” <me>

Sometimes its just nice to have the added boost to both you and your pet’s healing. For that I have this macro

/micon “Rouse”
/ac “Rouse” <me> <wait.2>
/pac “Fey Illumination” <me>

Arcanist & Summoner

Gladiator & Paladin

/micon “attack1”    (line needs testing)
/mk attack

Work In Progress – I’m trying to remember the proper syntax for line one for it to show the attack1 icon.. I’ll mess with it more.

I’m told that line 2 works by simply assigning whatever the next currently unassigned attack number would be. This could free up some space on your hotbar if you currently had each one listed.

Marauder & Warrior

Lancer & Dragoon

Pugilist & Monk

Thamaturge & Blackmage

Disclaimer: So far I haven’t played this class/job all that much, but here are some that are useful.

/micon “Aetherial Manipulation”
/ac “Aetherial Manipulation” <t>

This would require you to target the person you want to be brought to first, then click this macro.  Not too much functionality, since this is basically what the skill icon itself would require as well, but I showed it here just to make the next macro thought make sense.

Lets say you feel comfortable to always be taken to wherever the person listed third in your party list would be. (Most cases, Off tank or Healer). In that case you could replace the < t > with the party number. Example as follows:

/micon “Aetherial Manipulation”
/ac “Aetherial Manipulation” <3>

Flare Macro:

/macroicon “Flare”
/ac “Swiftcast” <me>
/ac “Flare” <t>
/ac “Convert” <me>

Rogue & Ninja

/macroicon “Fuma Shuriken”
/ac “Ten” <wait.1>
/ac “Ninjutsu” <t>
/macroicon “Raiton”
/ac “Ten” <wait.1>
/ac “Chi” <wait.1>
/ac “Ninjutsu” <t>
/macroicon “Katon”
/ac “Chi” <wait.1>
/ac “Ten” <wait.1>
/ac “Ninjutsu” <t>
/macroicon “Suiton”
/ac “Ten” <wait.1>
/ac “Chi” <wait.1>
/ac “Jin” <wait.1>
/ac “Ninjutsu” <t>
/macroicon “Doton”
/ac “Ten” <wait.1>
/ac “Jin” <wait.1>
/ac “Chi” <wait.1>
/ac “Ninjutsu” <t>
/macroicon “Huton”
/ac “Jin” <wait.1>
/ac “Chi” <wait.1>
/ac “Ten” <wait.1>
/ac “Ninjutsu” <t>

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  1. The links on this page don’t seem to work. I hope this can be fixed because i would love to know some of these macros!

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