FFXI ~ Katella

Name: Katella
World Server: born on Ramuh… moved to Ifrit ^^
Country of Alliance: San D ‘Oria, Vana’diel
Race: Tarutaru
Gender: female
Model: Face #4 Hair B
Creation: October 2005
Current Rank: San D’Oria 7 (Mission 7.2)
RoZ: Return to Delkfutt’s Tower (Mission 8 )
CoP: Distant Beliefs (Mission 2.3)
TAU: Lost Kingdom (Mission 13) / Private Second Class
WotG: Cait Sith (Mission 3)
Highest Campaign: Golden Star

Adventures.. possibly to be continued.. on Vacation  starting 1/1/09

Primary Main Job: White Mage
Co-sub Jobs: Summoner & Black Mage
Second Main Job: Bard or Red Mage.. (undecided)
Third Main Job: Puppetmaster
Fourth Main Job: Dancer

Katellasmagic Magic

Current Job levels

WAR: 15
MNK: 10
WHM: 75  (a week before  the limit raised to 80 LOL!)
BLM: 41
RDM: 46
THF: 25
PLD: 20
DRK: 10
BST: 10
BRD: 54
RNG: 7
SAM: 5
NIN: 23
DRG: 18 Wyvern: Ember
SMN: 41
BLU: 30
COR: 10
PUP: 44 Puppet: Serenade (Harley/SW/SS/VE frames)
DNC: 33
SCH: 12

NPC: Gunnar – lvl 41
Chocobo: Captaine Jack (Retired 10/23/06)

Crafting –
Alchemy: 51 Apprentice
Cooking: 55 Journeyman
Clothcraft: 3
Leathercraft: 5
Bonecraft: 3
Fishing: 13

Fun Stories of her past:
* Meet the Parents https://katella.wordpress.com/2008/01/18/meet-the-parents

* Friends & Honey – Pt 1 https://katella.wordpress.com/2008/02/07/friends-honey-a-katella-short-story

Signature/Banner Gallery :

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  1. Hi Katella,

    Just came across your blog, I like your style. I’ll probably be leaving you a few comments every now and then. So you know you have a few readers out here 🙂


  2. Helloz Katella,

    found your blog the other day messin around at school, like Masterc said i like your style. I think your a good friend and a very fun person ^^ . I wish there were more people like you on fairy…

    //Zjin of Fairy//

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