Katella ~ Rappelz

Name: Katella
World Server: Bahamut
Race: Deva – Race of Light Angels
Race History: The Deva’s descendants were sent to the world by the God’s of creation to help the Gaia (Humans). They use Holy Magic for Healing and Defense.
Hometown: Laksy
Gender: female
Creation: April 2008
Current Rank: 2 – Level 36 Cleric

Guild: RoseCroixOrder  www.rosecroixorder.com

Job Progression
* Guide (till level 10)
* Cleric (till level 50?)

Then have to choose one of:
*Bishop – Offensive Casters – heal and attack with holy magic.
*Priest – The ultimate Healer – wide range of heal and buffing abilities.

1st Pet: SoleMazed – Pantera Junior
2nd Pet: CantoLe Dix – Solid Turtle (gave to Quaiden)
Rappelz Katella