My FFXIV Clothcraft

This will be a compilation of pictures of things I’ve created myself in FFXIV. Most recent at top.

1/14/11 - needed a new cowl for my conjurer rank 23 ^^ Whipped this up. Really had wanted to make a green one, but no one on Wutai was selling green cotton cloth, and couldn't successfully make it myself yet. (Wvr at this point was rank 22)

made 11/3/10* rough estimate. Grey Hempen Robe, I just have an afinity for grey if its a hempen item. Made this to wear on my thm, but generally just keep my grey hempen cowl on for the extra defense. Gave this one to a new player named Faro Farro (sp?) on 1/14/11 as they still only had the weathered one. Invited him to my "The Greater Good LS" also

October 2010 - My Grey Hempen Doublet.. pride and joy! First Item that I made that I really loved! ^^