3 comments on “Old FFXI Pics..

  1. Humm were you a PC Baby or where you a PS2 Child? I know you weren’t an Importer I have tons of old pics from when I was sub job less even I only lost the ones of my 1st char when I made the swap from JP to NA Install of FFXI

  2. I was on PC. 🙂 I had a website before this one, that was with yahoo, and had posted my pictures up there and removed them from my computer to save space, (as computer was having space issues, and thought it’d help).

    Ended up being big mistake! A few months after I put them up there, they disappeared, so I was kind of sad.. nostalgia and all…

    In digging on a newer computer, I found these few in temporary internet files… Absolutely No Clue how they got there, as I haven’t seen them in forever, and like I said, totally different computer!! but I quickly saved them this time.. Was all weird!

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